I could go on about myself in this bio, but this is really about YOU – the client. I would rather you learn more about me by understanding what I strive to do for you. I love real estate and I am in it because I love to help others. It is in my bones to serve others no matter what my pursuit. I live it out daily. Additionally, home buying and selling has been a large part of my life due to the fact that our family has moved so many times, bought and sold numerous homes as well as own investment property. 

I completely understand, not only on a professional level, what it means to walk through a real estate transaction, I also know and have experienced it many, many times on a very personal level. My personal experiences along with my over 20 years in business (sales, market research, client service, small business owner) allow me to guide, advise, and support each and every client in what is typically one of the largest and most important purchases of their lifetime. And I understand when people buy a home, they are buying so much more than a structure…they are buying a place to call their own, to put down roots, relax, unwind, make memories, grow and evolve. Finding the right home is different for every person and family and I understand finding the perfect place takes time…and that is ok. 

My goal as a real estate agent when representing the buyer is to be the buyer’s advocate – to make sure they are getting exactly what they need to feel like the house they choose can be their “home.” I sit down with all buyers and discuss the different areas of the Santa Clarita Valley since the 6 cities vary in personality. We also discuss their goals, why they are moving, timing, important criteria they look for in the perfect home. I am also here to offer a variety of resources for all of my clients ranging from lenders to painters, carpet cleaners, plumbers, and many others. 

When working with sellers, my goal is to help them price their home to sell in the current market at the price and time frame that works for them. I work with each person to show they how we arrive at the suggested sales price and will give recommendations on how to make their home stand out so buyers can see the amazing place they are selling. 

My top priorities as a real estate professional are to provide customer service that goes above and beyond what anyone expects (as I have very high expectations myself), to keep the lines of communication open always and work together closely as a team with my clients. Having kept these priorities, I have many happy clients, and I look forward to meeting you, the reader, so we can have a conversation and determine if you and I would make a good team to help you move forward with your purchase or sale.